5 Reasons to Invest
in Growth-Ready West Parry Sound District.

1. We’re bringing better utilities to West Parry Sound District, like faster internet and renewable energy.

Natural Gas
Wind Power
Fiber Internet

With upgrades to infrastructure, you can settle down in a district focused on expanding fibre internet, natural gas, water and hydro coverage.

  • Lakeland Power just constructed a newly completed $17.5 Million Hydro Generating Station in Parry Sound. The new centre can feed 2,700 homes and provide 3.2 megawatts of green power.

2. There are unique funding programs in the West Parry Sound District.

2. Get access to funding programs specific to Northern Ontario, yet benefit from a location that’s only 2 hours’ drive to the Greater Toronto Area.

Financial help isn’t limited to new businesses; there are also funding programs available to existing businesses. And funding agencies like NOHFC (Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation), Parry Sound Area Community Business & Development Centre, and FedNor provide various incentive programs for different types of businesses, from tech companies to manufacturing to film production and more.

Over the last 5 years:

  • FedNor has supported 34 projects and invested more than $8.5 Million in the region
  • NOHFC has supported 154 projects and invested more than $23 Million in the region

Since it’s inception in 1987, Parry Sound Area CBDC has approved 538 loans valuing over $47 Million and supported 2286 jobs in the region.

We’ll help you find out which programs and funding you could be eligible for ->

3. Running a business is more affordable in West Parry Sound District...

  • Starting a business is easier with lower startup costs - and no development fees - in West Parry Sound. With a lower density than urban cities, businesses have access to more land and industrial spaces at a cheaper price.
  • Yet the opportunity is great: located halfway between Sudbury and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), businesses in West Parry Sound have access to Over 6.8 million people within a 2 hour drive of West Parry Sound.
  • There’s a 4 lane divided highway giving more vehicles (in both directions) quick access to the GTA.
  • Running a business in West Parry Sound offers a lower cost of living, and employers have access to more affordable labour. On top of that, West Parry Sound’s workforce is talented and trained:
      • 43.6% have a post-secondary diploma/degree or higher
      • 11.6% have an apprenticeship/trade certificate
      • 30.2% have a high school diploma
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West Parry Sound Incentives: For Hire
West Parry Sound Incentives: Education

4. West Parry Sound is upgrading their transportation networks.

  • Bigger planes, more frequently: the Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport and Business Park is expanding, including airport upgrades to improve and extend services.
  • Grow your business at the world’s deepest freshwater port.  From bringing in large materials like turbines by boat, to cruise lines for tourism on the Great Lakes - there is untapped opportunity here.
  • Rail for Goods & People: Over 90,000 people a year travel by VIA Rail train through Parry Sound on the Toronto-Vancouver line.  With both CP (Canadian Pacific) and CN cargo rail lines running through West Parry Sound, there is untapped potential for a rail yard here.

5. West Parry Sound District has shovel-ready sites, ready for your development.

West Parry Sound has nearly 2000 businesses; and 30 of those businesses employ 50 people or more. With a population that swells from 20K to 100K seasonally there are people to build for, and a large, competitive construction workforce to help you build, with over 20% of the workforce employed in trades in the West Parry Sound District.

Expansions are already underway at the Parry Sound Area Industrial Park and Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport and Business Park.  Industrial sites also exist here:

  • Oastler Park Drive
  • North Tudhope St.