Community Based Economic Development is Key to the Future of the North’s Economy

May 24, 2018 – A new commentary from Northern Policy Institute, highlights best practices from Northern Ontario Communities to demonstrate the importance of regional economic development in Ontario’s Northern regions.

Key Findings:

First Nations who worked around existing restrictive legislation, and partnered with outside organizations, saw a
greater return on capital investments.

Communities that forged partnerships with adjacent communities and organizations had more resources to draw
upon in building capacity.

Northern Ontario’s population is aging, and communities that are adapting to the changes through strategic
alignment are faring better in the long run.

A well-diversified economy does not always spell growth, but it does protect communities from the booms and
busts of resource-based economic shifts.

The future of Ontario’s forests has turned a new leaf by including Indigenous peoples’ perspectives in the new
forest tenure model. The intent is for equitable use of resources, but the program has not worked for all.

Infrastructure is often inadequate, but through creative cost-sharing agreements or partnerships, communities can
upgrade for the 21st century.

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